One Group Solution is a provider of fund management solutions for the new era, focusing on third-party management companies, corporate secretaries, and regulatory and compliance consulting. Our team of more than 70 passionate professionals is based in Luxembourg, London, Dublin, Mumbai, and Zurich, serving over 130 leading and boutique asset management companies around the world, covering all asset classes.

The two founders, Steve Bernat and Revel Wood, utilized their successful experience as former competing CEOs in management companies to start from scratch, select a team, and draw on lessons learned to establish a new era solution that is not bound by traditional processes, technology, or old-fashioned thinking. The result is the most dynamic, customer-satisfying, highly regarded and trusted solution in the market.

By analyzing the needs of our clients, we offer custom solutions that are rigorously thought out, effective, and fully compliant, in order to challenge the status quo. Our vision is to become a leader in fund management solutions for the new era, providing comprehensive solutions that satisfy our clients. We are a team with social conscience, and we are 100% committed to fulfilling our promises to our clients, creating value for their teams and customers. With our values and integrity, we are appreciated by the industry, respected by our competitors, and trusted by our clients.,+Howald/B234929