As a management company of Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities (UCITS) and alternative investment fund manager (AIFM), One Fund Management provides comprehensive entities in Luxembourg and tailor-made solutions for establishing and managing your funds in Europe. As a fully licensed management company and AIFM, we are able to provide services for UCITS and AIF products.

Leading asset and wealth management companies as well as boutique investment firms covering all asset classes have entrusted One Fund Management with their business. As a new era super management company, we provide the most efficient solutions in the industry, utilizing technological solutions to add value to your business from day one. Whether you are setting up your first fund in Luxembourg or already have existing funds, we ensure that you can focus on your core business while our experienced team takes care of all your fund governance requirements. Our online portal provides real-time access to see the work we do on behalf of your funds, ensuring your funds remain in control.,+Howald/B240884