Compared with other financial derivatives, binary options have a relatively simple structure. However, this does not mean that it is risk-free. In fact, due to its all-or-nothing structure, binary options are considered high-risk investments. 

TRUST BINARY CONTRACT is a trading method with strategy along with an insurance compensation plan. Just like how most people got their medical expenses covered from medical cards. ONE FINTECH got you covered here. 

By using the strategy binary options trading on ONE FINTECH, you can not only obtain a safe and efficient trading method, but also gain profits through a series of effective strategies and enjoy ample insurance protection. Funding capital can be withdrawn if there’s no claim of compensation within 120 days insured period upon investing. 

⭐ The maximum number of rounds that can be traded per day is ONE, and ONE round consists of SIX trades.  
❌ If you fail to trade accordingly with the strategy amount, we will not be responsible for compensation for your loss. 

In the strategy trading contract on ONE FINTECH exchange, you can select a currency provided in the strategy and trade by choosing whether it will rise or fall within one minute. 

PACKAGE P100 trade example:  
Trade amount 1: $100  
Trade amount 2: $200  
Trade amount 3: $400  
Trade amount 4: $800  
Trade amount 5: $1600  
Trade amount 6: $3200 

✅You can stop trading once you have ONE wins during the trade & continue again tomorrow.  
✅If you have loss all 6 trades, do screenshot your trade record & submit a claim for your trade capital. 

Do arrange a risk assessment session with our Fund Manager before investing by [clicking here].